What are Standard Socks made from? And Why?

The textile industry is the second largest polluter in the World, beaten only by the oil industry.
Every 10 minutes 6000kgs of textile waste goes to landfill in Australia alone, and it takes 2,7000
litres of water to make one cotton t-shirt.

Our answer is to close the production loop on the products that we are making. By using innovate yarns that address the climate crisis by diverting landfill to apparel factories. For our 2019 sock production we are using upcycled yarns produced by Hilaturas Ferre in Spain using their 70 years of experience in upcycling textile waste, they are considered industry leaders.

Recover R3: this is a super soft tri-blend of upcycled cotton, RPET bottles and Tencel. This technical yarn has moisture wicking, temperature control, enhanced breath ability and antibacterial properties.  Tencel is made from botanical cellulosic fibres from sustainably grown trees. This lycocell fibre is made using low environmental impact solvent spinning processes that recycles its water and reuses the solvent at a recovery rate of more than 99%. The result is a yarn that is incredibly soft, feels cool and dry, controls temperatures. It blends really well with other yarns, and is blended at source with Recover Blue to make the R3 yarn we are using for some of our Woods snow socks.

Recover Wool: A new yarn made using an upcycled blend of post industrial wool cutting scraps,
recycled PET bottles and nylon, designed for maximum strength and softness. This is the yarn that we use in our Flock snow sock collection.

Recover Blue: a 100% upcycled blend of 52% upcycled cotton and 48% RPET bottles. All of our Backstreet and Street socks will be made using Recover Blue, with the necessary Elastane added.

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition have developed a tool know as the Higg Index to rate the
environmental impact of many global manufacturers, brands and retailers. Recover were recently
rated by the Higg Index as the lowest global impact cotton yarn on the planet.

Moving forward we are constantly looking for new yarns and fabrics to improve our products whilst
leaving the planet as Mother Nature intended. Join us and be part of the solution not the problem.

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