We’re committed to lowering our impact on the environment and empowering the communities where we live and work.

The Standard Values, Big Ideas, Small Impact , touches every aspect of our company. From our giving model to our company culture and sustainable product design, we see our business as a vehicle to make change in the world.

As a (pending) B Corporation, we put 1% of our profits towards addressing poverty and supporting community development.

As a design, research and manufacturer of socks and first on layers, STANDARD has facilities in China, Portugal, the USA and Australia with sourcing offices, partners and strategic alliances in Sydney, San Fransisco & London to support our goal of becoming the world’s leading sustainable first on, last off base layer company.


The Fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry on the planet, being beaten only the the Oil Industry.  It generates $620 Billion USD a year, It takes 2,700 litres of water to produce one cotton t-shirt.  Australians dispose of 6000 kgs of textile waste every 10 minutes.


There are two halves to true sustainability: the environment and people. We’re dedicated to ensuring safe working environments and fair compensation for the people in our global manufacturing community.  We partner with supply chain management and sustainability experts Supply Compass to ensure we make the most environmental and ethical products.  


From 2018 Standard Socks will be made using Recover yarns, blends of upcycled cotton, recycled plastic bottle, upcycled wool and Tencel .  

Our promise is to make all of our future products from new and developing sustainable yarns, so that we can continue to make the best first on, last off layers using the innovative sustainable yarns as they develop. 

If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled, or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.


– Pete Seeger, Folk Singer & Social Activist

Recover Blue

A classic blend of Recover Upcycled Cotton and post-consumer RPET bottles, designed for comfort and all types of fashion applications. We use this yarn for our Street socks.  

RPET yarn is both durable and quick drying.

Upcycled cotton yarn is comfortable to wear, moisture absorbing and breathable.

Recover R3

Is a super soft and sheer tri-blend of Recover Upcycled Cotton, RPET Bottles and Tencel®.  Perfect for our snow socks.

RPET yarn is both durable and quick drying.

Upcycled cotton yarn is comfortable to wear, moisture absorbing and breathable.

Tencel is a fully biodegradable wood pulp yarn, that is moisture wicking, odour regulating, and extremely soft.


Recover RWool

This new yarn is an upcycled blend of post-industrial wool cutting scraps, recycled PET bottles, and Nylon 6.6, designed for maximum strength and softness.

RPET yarn is both durable and quick drying.

Wool is moisture absorbing, temperature regulating and extremely warm.

Nylon is added to ensure that these socks are durable, because a sustainable product still needs to be strong to be able fulfull its purpose.

We manufacture globally with makers who share our values. Meet our suppliers.

There is always a better way to manufacture. The consumer choice is easy, buy sustainable, protect the planet. We can all do better.